Presentations given by Ligeia Lugli, Project Co-Director:

Beyond Equivalence: Semantic Mapping for Intercultural Bilingual Lexicography’ paper to be presented at 9th International Conference of the Asian Association of Lexicography, Hong Kong Polytechnic.
The Buddhist Translators’ Workbench and its Applications for the Study of Buddhism’ paper to be presented at 16th World Sanskrit Conference, Silpakorn University, Bangkok.
Data-visualization for the Study of Sanskrit Lexical Semantics’ paper to be presented at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.
A Meaningful Web: Semantic Mapping for Translation and Conceptual History through the Buddhist Translators’ Workbench’ paper to be presented at King’s College, London.
Getting over Interlingual Equivalence: Semantic and Lexical Fields for Bilingual Sanskrit Lexicography’ paper presented at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.
BTW: Challenges and Opportunities for Translation-Oriented Buddhist Lexicography in the Digital Era’. Paper presented at the conference Advances in Digital Humanities for Buddhist Studies’, hosted by the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, Berkeley.